The last show for the year, Experiments on Plant Hybridization, opens this Thursday 25 November. Curated by Drew Pettifer and Gillian Brown, the show features works by a mix of represented and new/emerging artists from Melbourne and interstate.

Join us 6 – 8 pm Thursday night for a few drinks and to see works by Juan Ford, Matthew Hunt, Andy Hutson, Andre Piguet, Helen Pynor, Hanna Tai, Claire Anna Watson, Kent Wilson and Tessa Zettel & Karl Khoe (Makeshift)

The exhibition takes its title from Gregor Mendel’s 1865 treatise on his studies in plant genetics.  Following a more philosophical (and pseudoscientific) approach, the show takes as its starting point the concept that Mendel’s experiments were born of a curiosity to explore the potential of nature, its ability to be harnessed and worked by mankind. The show aims to present a series of experiments into the relationship that exists between humans and nature, artists and environment.

Image: Kent Wilson, 2010

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